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Small Business Legal

“Everyday Lawyer,
For Everyday People”

Welcome to Small Business Legal

Are you looking for a lawyer who is always available to guide your business through everyday legal issues and does not charge you for every call or email you make?

Are you looking for a lawyer who is focused in resolving your disputes without the need to go to court?

Are you looking for a lawyer who can go through legal documents with you on a fixed fee basis?

Are you looking for a lawyer who is focused on getting the job done and does not drill on unnecessary legal principles at your expense?

At Small Business Legal Pty Ltd we pride ourselves as being the “Everyday Lawyer, For Everyday People“.


We take the time to understand your business and the reason for your engagement with us and from there we deliver your desired outcomes.


We understand that you are not here to read about what we do and for that reason we do not talk about our “areas of practice”, instead, we invite you to speak to us so we can understand your situation and quote you for the service you need.

What do we offer?

A fixed fee arrangement for all advisory and transactional work


How does this work?


Tell us the service you need and we will provide you with our fixed fee proposal for your consideration.


To get things started, please click here to see a list of our fixed fee services.

An Ongoing Retainer that provides your business with ongoing legal support for a fixed monthly fee


How does this work?


Tell us the nature of your business and the type of legal issues it frequently come across and we will come back to you with a tailored monthly legal plan that offers a scope of legal services for a fixed monthly fee.


To understand how this work, please click here to see a sample monthly legal plan.

A capped legal fee arrangement for handling your commercial dispute (prior to litigation)


How does this work?


We understand that no one wins from a commercial dispute and our goal is to resolve your dispute as soon as possible without the need to go to court.


Tell us about your dispute and we will provide you with an estimate of our legal fees (capped prior to litigation).



We understand that with certain disputes, litigation is unavoidable or you are already in a court proceeding.


Tell us about your case and we will provide you with an itemised fee estimate together with our advice on the best course of action in achieving an early resolution to your dispute.

Get In Touch

We offer a free consultation (in person or by telephone) for you to tell us more about the legal issues that you are facing and how we can help.


To request your free consultation, simply complete your details below:

Please be assured that all information provided to us will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Contact Us


(+612) 8854 4982


(+612) 9959 3003

Office Address

Konica Minolta Building

Level 12, 1 Pacific Highway

North Sydney, NSW 2060

Postal Address

PO Box 1128

North Sydney, NSW 2059

Business Hours

Monday to Friday:

8.30am to 5.30pm
by appointment

Delivery and collections

8.30am to 5.30pm

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